Examination & Results

Examination & Results

Examination & Results

Examination Procedure

Exam Guidelines to Students
  • 1. Check the Answer Book thoroughly before filling in the details. The defective answer book may be returned to the invigilator.
  • 2. Please check the details of yours particulars in the OMR Sheet. ie. Name, Hall Ticket No., Examination and Papers etc.,
  • 3. Candidates are prohibited from: (i) Writing their H.T.Nos in any part of the answer booklet.
    (ii) Writing their names in any part of the answer booklet.
    (iii) Addressing the examiner in any manner whatsoever in the answer booklet. If they do so, their answers will not be valued.
    (v) Bringing Cell Phones / Mobile phones.
  • 4. Before beginning to answer any question, the candidates should write the correct number of that question. They should complete the answer for any question and commence writing answer for the succeeding question.
  • 5. Answers should be written on both sides of the paper.
  • 6. Do not write in the margin.
  • 7. No loose sheets of paper will be allowed in the eaxmination room; no paper must be detached from or attached to the answer booklets.
  • 8. Answer must be legibly written.
  • 9. Candidates should write not less than 25 lines in each page. It is not necessary to begin each answer in fresh page.
  • 10. This answer booklet should be returned to the Invigilator before leaving the examination hall.
  • 11. Students should stay in the Examination Hall at least for half-an-hour from the commencement of the Examination.
Guidelines to Invigilators
  • 1. Report at the Exam Branch at least 30 minutes before the time of commencement of Examination.
  • 2. Collect the seating plan, examination stationery and be present at the respective hall to which you are allotted at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of examination.
  • 3. The candidates should be present in the examination halls before the commencement of examination i.e. before 9.00 AM for Forenoon Session and before 2.00 PM for Afternoon Session. No candidate should be allowed after the commencement of the Examination.
  • 4. The candidates allotted shall be permitted into the examination halls only after verifying their hall tickets.
  • 5. The invigilators should ensure that students would not carry any material except Hall Ticket, ID Card & Non-programmable Calculator into the examination halls. Students without ID Card and Hall Ticket should not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall.
  • 6. Invigilators shall ensure that time schedules of the examinations are to be strictly adhered to:
    a) The student should be present in the Examination Hall before the commencement of Examination and no candidate is allowed to the examination hall after the commencement of examination.
    b) No candidate shall be permitted for toilets during examination period.
    c) Under emergency circumstances the candidate can be allowed to go out of the hall by handing over the Answer Booklet and question paper to the invigilator and shall not be permitted back to the hall.
    d) The Candidate can be allowed to go out only after one and half hour from the commencement of the examination by collecting the answer booklet and question paper. However, if the candidate wants to leave the hall in the last half an hour can be allowed to take the question paper with him by submitting the answer booklet to the invigilator.
  • 7. Programmable Calculators, mobiles and Pagers are not allowed for the examinations. The invigilators are instructed to make thorough verification to avoid such things before the students enter the examination hall. College management is not responsible for the student’s belongings left outside the examination halls. Invigilators should not deposit those things.
  • 8. The Invigilators should not leave their respective Examination Halls during examination time. Invigilators should not permit any person other than the Chief Superintendent, Principal, DOE, Squad and Observer during the Examination.
  • 9. The physical identity of the candidates shall be thoroughly checked by comparing their faces with that printed on hall tickets.
  • 10. There will be a single common question paper for each subject. Ensure that you receive the correct question papers of the subjects of examination for the candidates allotted to your hall.
  • 11. The Invigilator shall sign in the box specified, after verifying the Answer Booklet with the Hall Ticket Number and the subject of the examination of the student.
  • 12. Candidates are prohibited from writing their Hall Ticket Number anywhere in the “Answer Booklet”.
  • 13. Invigilators should make a general announcement in the hall before commencement of the examination if any candidate possessing any written or printed material in any form will liable to be booked under malpractice case and punishment will be given as per the University Exam guidelines.
  • 14. Please ensure to collect the answer book from the candidates before they leave the examination hall.
  • 15. The Invigilator should not use Cell Phones / Laptops in and around the Examination Hall.
  • 16. The Invigilator should not create any kind of disturbance to the students in and around the Examination Hall.
  • 17. Carrying Programmable Calculators, Cell Phones, Pagers and Wallets (purses) into the examination hall is totally prohibited.
  • 18. Invigilators are not permitted to take their cell phones / Laptops in and around the Examination Hall. They need to either keep the cell phones / Laptops in their office or hand over to Exams branch.
  • 19. Invigilators should not leave their respective Examination Halls during examination time.
  • 20. All the Invigilators shall be relieved only after submitting the ‘Answer Books of their respective Exam Halls.
Examination Committee
1 V. Bhaskar Lecturer in Telugu Convener
2 V. Thimma Reddy Lecturer in Physics Member
3 H. Siva Sankar Lecturer in Economics Member
4 Dr. E. Sreedevi Lecturer in Botany Member
5 Smt. S.B.Sujatha Lecturer in Chemistry Member
6 G. Meena Kumari Lecturer in Zoology (C.F) Member
Theory Subjects
Average of Mid Term Test-I and Test-II Assignment Seminar Attendance Term End Total
10 5 5 5 75 100
Subjects with Without Practical
Term End Total Practical
75 75 50
Dissertation/ Project
Identification of problem Review of Literature Methodology Findings Analysis Viva voce Total
10 10 10 25 25 20 100

A student's level of competence shall be categorized by a GRADE POINT

S.No Range of Marks Grade Point Letter Grade Performance
1 100 10 O Out Standing
2 90-99 9.0-9.9 A+ Excellent
3 80-89 8.0-8.9 A Very Good
4 70-79 7.0-7.9 B+ Good
5 60-69 6.0-6.9 B Above Average
6 50-59 5.0-5.9 C Average
7 40-49 4.0-4.9 P Pass
8 Below 40 0 F Fail
9 Absent 0 Ab

A Candidate has to secure 40% or above to pass in each of the Papers. The candidate obtaining Grade-F is considered failed and will be required to clear the back paper(s) in the subsequent examinations within the stipulated time.

AVERAGE to be specified as: SGPA - Semester Grade Point Average CGPA - Cumulative Grade Point Average

A student has to clear back papers (i.e., in the paper/papers one has failed) by appearing at subsequent semester examinations within five years from the date of admission.


The end semester examination will be of three hours irrespective of marks.

For subject without having practical full marks are 100 per paper out of which 25marks are allotted for Mid-Semester Examination (Internal) and 75 marks for end semester examination.

For Commerce General, there will be Practicals for 50 marks in 5 &6th semesters and done by External valuation. For B. Com Computers, there will be Practicals for 50 marks. In 3, 5th semesters, Internal valuation and 4&6 semesters external valuation will be done.

For subject with practical full marks are 100 per paper out of which 25 marks is allotted for Mid- Semester Examination, 75 is for End Semester Examination and 50 is for practical.

Practical will carry 50 marks. 1, 3, 5 Semesters will be evaluated by internal examiner and 2, 4, 6 semesters by external examiner.

Each Dept shall have a designated Teacher in-charge of Examination to be decided by the Principal.


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