Principal Message

Principal Message

Principal Message


Dear Visitor,

I have a great pleasure in welcoming you to this Government Degree College, Tadipatri, and a 40-years aged significant institution of Anantapur district. It has been excelling with quality education in quality ambience as one of the forerunners of both academic and human excellence for all diverse people of talents, interests, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and also to enrich its educational community through its mission.

The college utilizes the latent talent of its students turning them into potential civilian fully capable of facing the challenges of globalization by the wholesome growth of its students and provides them every opportunity and facility to exploit their talent.

The aim of the college is to provide knowledge, ability, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive and successful life. Through committed faculty maintaining a balance between theory and practice and attempting to facilitate the students to gain knowledge and experience enabling them to achieve meaningful individualistic development and the well being of society at large.

The college inclined and believed to the philosophy “Gnanena Sarvam Prathistetham” from Narayanopanishath. Such credulity is the case with a college: Knowledge and wisdom are to be spread everywhere and in every direction so that success is achieved in all aspects of Life. The students of GDC, Tadipatri firmly stick to the values that have learnt from the college in the past four decades. I am sure that it will have a stable and well turning point for the future and got thorough to face the challenges in higher education.

Sri. Adineni Narayanaswamy…..