The College Administration

Main activities and functions of the O/o the Principal, Government Degree College, Tadipatri

  • To administer, regulate and run the College as per guidelines, rules, norms and regulations of the Sri Krishnadevaraya University and Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
  • To regulate the function of all Non- teaching employees in the Institution.
  • To utilize the allotted and released grant of Govt. Institutions on a quarterly basis
  • To look after timely release of scholarship and stipend to students etc.
  • To make necessary arrangements for vacant posts in the Institution.
  • Implementation of various schemes of the State Govt. and also sending of proposal to Govt. for obtaining sanction on various schemes.

List of services being provided by the College Administration

  • Apart from steps taken to complete all Course curriculums for each academic year, it has looking after Award of different categories of scholarship, grant and stipend to students.
  • Conduct of University and other Examinations.
  • To regulate and coordinate NSS activities in the College.
  • To implement and regulate the other Committee activities in the College.

The College functions through 5 branches namely

  • Establishment cell.
  • Committees constituted by Teaching Faculty.
  • Scholarship cell.
  • Budget & Planning cell.
  • Account cell


  • Establishment cell deals with all establishment matters including pension, rules, sanction of leave, sanction and release of salary etc.
  • Committees constituted by Teaching Faculty deal with all matters relating to Academic and other extracurricular activities related to students, enrollment in college etc.
  • Scholarship cell deals with all matters relating to student's scholarship.
  • Budget & Planning cell deals with all matters relating to budget & Planning such as preparation of budget estimates, preparation of plan document during the UGC plan period including annual plan, preparation & submission of quaterly expenditure statements, allotment of funds, plan allocation, LOA, budgetary control, midterm plan appraisal, submission of annual expenditure statements etc.

Accounts cell deals with the payroll of the employees of the College, handling of cash, clearing of bills, audit inspection report, stationary, TA/DA bills, contingency bills, civil deposits, medical reimbursement, GPF, maintenance of College and other accounts misc matters