The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh initiated Jawahar Knowledge Centers in 2005 as a reliable solution to the problem of unemployment faced by students studying non-professional courses in Degree colleges of Andhra Pradesh with the objective of ever increasing prominence of India on the global map. It has paved a way for growing demand of hard working and talented students good at computer skills, communication skills and industry related skills.

Jawahar Knowledge Centre of the Government Degree College, Tadipatri established in 2005 with primary aim is to provide intensive training to students in employable skills and enable students avail themselves of the bright opportunities in the global job market with the following objectives.

  • • Speak fluently
  • • Compute quickly
  • • Write legibly
  • • Analyze logically
  • • Support in Placements

As majority of the students in the college are from rural areas and have no access to advantages experienced by their urban counterparts with the latest technologies and opportunities to upgrade their skills. Hence through this platform students are supported and encouraged to compete for better standards of living and totally involved in providing the best training to help the students to climb the ladder of success. Through these helping hands, students could able to realize their potential and aim high in life and encourages students to be creative, independent and self reliant. It also helps in the enhancement of ability of student’s contribution to the economic and intellectual prosperity of the country.

Sri Vankam Bhaskar, Lecturer in Telugu has given the portfolio of JKC and appointed as Placement Coordinator.

Sri Mohamed Rizwan acting as JKC Mentor

Email Id: jkc.tadipatri@gmail.com

Placement SUMMARY


S.No Course No. of Students Registered No. of Students Placed Percentage
1 B.Com 36 06 16.66%
2 B. Sc 10 03 30%
3 B.A 03 01 33.33%
Total 49 10 2%


S.No Course No. of Students Registered No. of Students Placed Percentage
1 B.Com 47 11 23.40%
2 B. Sc 15 04 26.66%
3 B.A 14 03 21.42%
Total 76 18 23.68%


S.No Course No. of Students Registered No. of Students Placed Percentage
1 B.Com 42 02 4%
2 B. Sc 23 03 13.04%
3 B.A 16 07 43.75%
Total 81 12 14.81%


S.No Course No. of Students Registered No. of Students Placed Percentage
1 B.Com 34 12 35.29%
2 B. Sc 24 02 8.3%
3 B.A 17 01 5.8%
Total 75 15 20%

Plan of Action

  • • Two week employability training workshop will be given to groom the skills of academically oriented students in order to make them industry ready with eminent personalities from adjacent JKC cells.
  • • This workshop includes quantitative modules, logical reasoning, resume building, mock interviews and developing soft skills.
  • • The guest talks are conducted across all sections of the final year and second year students. The JKC Training & Placement Cell of the college gives orientation to the students with regard to the placement process followed at the institution which, is divided into three different phases for the smooth functioning of the placement activities.
  • • Phase one include briefing of the college placement policy/code of conduct for students, pre-placement workshop, series of guest talks and career mapping sessions.
  • • Phase two includes registration by students interested in campus placement
  • • Final phase is when the companies visiting the institution to conduct on campus recruitment drive.