Consumer Club

Consumer Club

Consumer Club

The Consumer Club is established in Government Degree College, Tadipatri to disseminate information on consumer rights amongst all consumer segments especially among college students.

Consumer Club Convener and Members

H. Siva Sankar

Lecturer in Economics


M. N. Brinda

Lecturer in Chemistry


A.C. Venkata Ramudu

Lecturer in Mathematics


U. Raghavendra Prasad

Lecturer in Commerce



Lecturer in Commerce (C.F)



  • To educate consumers, balance consumer needs and degree of protection and to provide relevant consumer rights and entitlements.
  • To advise individual consumers and protect their rights
  • To ensure prices of goods are fair and appropriate with relevance to its quality and value.
  • To work with the existing laws in order to protect consumer’s interest and general health.
  • To encourage the involvement of society and citizens (consumers) in the consideration, standardization and basic provision of their rights


  • Giving lectures on consumer’s rights.
  • Arranging field visit and observing the formalities in the trade centre.
  • Celebrating world consumer day
  • To organise and actively participate in consumer protection programmes in college as well as in the locality to observe National Consumer Day and World Consumer Rights day.
  • Drawing Competition – Consumer Awareness
  • Consumer Awareness Rally