Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes

Audio and Visual Aids for Teaching and Learning

Mana TV Live telecast lessons are telecasted for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge base and skills of the students. In Government Degree College, Tadipatri, regularly Mana TV activities are being viewed by the maximum number of students under supervision of MANA TV Coordinator, Sri V. Thimma Reddy, and other faculty members. The status of the programme and feedback is being uploaded regularly in the APCCE website.

MANA TV Coordinator makes arrangements to monitor this initiative for the benefit of students and access of live lessons as given below:

  • Inform students and encourage them to view MANA TV lessons uploaded on the web site.
  • The lessons will be accessible to students for one week Monday to Saturday.
  • MANA TV lessons are accessible to students in the Virtual classroom or computer Lab.
  • In case of request for specific MANA TV lessons the request may be e-mailed to
  • Dr. E. Sreedevi, Lecturer in Botany, currently acts as Mana TV Resource person from APCCE to deliver contents in Botany.


There is facility of Virtual Class Rooms in the College through which Students can be viewed lessons delivering from other colleges and also faculty members utilizing this for better and speed delivery of course contents.

Recently an additional facility Swayam Prabha has provided through which every day, students will be focused to new Curriculum-based course contents at under-graduate level covering diverse disciplines such as arts, science, commerce, and humanities at least (4) hours which would be repeated 5 more times in a day, allowing the students to choose the time of their convenience. The contents are provided by NPTEL, IITs, UGC, CEC, IGNOU, NCERT and NIOS. The INFLIBNET Centre maintains the web portal.


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